Direct to Film (DTF)

Use DTF technology to efficiently & quickly get your orders out to your customers

Direct to Film (referred to as DTF) is a printing process that will take your high resolution .png or vectored PDF file and create vibrant, colorful transfers prints that are easily applied to fabrics using a heat-press. DTF transfers are brighter, provide higher detail and stretch better with the fabric than vinyl.

The DTF method works on all fabrics:
• Cotton • Polyester • Cotton/Poly Blends •
No pre-treatment is required.

To apply set your heat press to medium pressure & 285 F.

• Press for 3-5 Seconds to remove Wrinkles.
• Position your Transfer and Press for 10 Seconds.
• Peal Hot – no need to let it cool.
• Do a 2nd Press for 5 Seconds.
Your decorated piece is ready to go!


We sell DTF prints by the linear foot. Print area is 21 inches wide up to any length you want. If your order has multiple images to be printed, these are best submitted in Gang Sheet Format to maximize the number of images per linear foot. Need help creating a gang sheet? Call us at (505) 508-0783 and we will assist you.

Preferred file formats are high resolution png or pdf with image only and no background. For files larger than 100MB, please send to ed@asicustom.com via WeTransfer.com, DropBox or another file sharing service.

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